Home FAQs

Our cabin comes fully stocked with all of the comforts of home. The following are details about our home, what is included, and further instructions on use. This is a NON-SMOKING HOME.

You will be provided with a temporary code for entry. Early arrivals and late check-outs are only allowed with pre-authorization at an additional charge. The new door lock sends me an email every time the door lock is attempted and/or opened. You will be charged for arriving early or leaving late. The cleaning crew needs arrival/departure times respected.

Exit on time unless we have agreed, in advance, to an alternative checkout time.
Please strip your beds and take your sheets and towels to the laundry room and start at least one load of laundry.
Start a load of your remaining dirty dishes in the dishwasher before you leave. Do not leave additional dirty dishes for the cleaning crew. The cleaning crew should find one load of clean dishes to put away….not additional loads to run.
All small appliances need to be unplugged before you leave to insure against fire!
Set the thermostat to 55.
Take all of your trash with you! You will be charged $25 per bag of trash that needs to be removed from the property. You can drop your trash at Big Bear Disposal 41974 Garstin Dr.

Wi-Fi access point name: 308ED
Wi-Fi access point password: excitedsky240
The front door will open using the code we provided in your final email.
During the freezing winter, the cleaning crew turns off the water between guests to ensure against freezing and burst pipes. When you arrive, just turn the water on by following these instructions. THIS IS VERY EASY. To find water valve, stand facing the front door and walk to the right side of the house. On the side of the house just below the gas meter there is a metal pipe with a square top that you insert the tool into and turn clockwise (half turn). This turns the water on. Tool (metal pipe/pole) for turning on water is hanging behind the front door.
The home has three levels. The main level has one master bedroom with a CA king sized bed. The upper level has two bedrooms. The largest holds one queen, one full, and one twin bed. The smaller room has two twins. The final sleeping area is part of the lower level family room which has two twin beds. Our home accommodates a maximum of 11 guests. For your sleeping flexibility, we also supply one crib mattress (to be left on the floor during use) and one “Pack and Play”.
There are three Full bathrooms. One on each of three levels. Each has its own hairdryer.
We provide all of your linen needs; beds, pillows, sheets, bath towels, and kitchen towels.  There is a supply of kitchen towels in the kitchen and rags in the laundry area to clean up your spills.  Please don’t use the bath towels in the kitchen for spills or messes.
You will have access to a full sized laundry room. Limited detergent is provided.
The kitchen is stocked with all of your basic necessities, silverware, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, coffee maker, crockpot, pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc. Please treat our belongings with respect. If something breaks or is no longer working, please tell us so we can replace it for the next guest.  Please do not take any breakable dishes outside.  A limited supply of cooking essentials is also included, salt, pepper, sugar, oil, and basic spices.
We have just ordered our new hot tub, we expect it to arrive and be installed around the middle of July…More details to follow.
OUR HOME IS A NON-SMOKING HOME!  Absolutely, no smoking inside the house!  All butts are to be picked up and removed from the entire property. The cleaning crew will be charging $30 extra if they have to remove your butts from outside the house.  Should it be detected that smoking has occurred inside our home, you will be charged an additional $500 to fully clean the house.
Please have a load of laundry (towels or sheets) in the washer and running when you leave. A load running in the dryer AND the washer upon leaving would be even better, but not required. If you are wonderful enough to get some folded, do not remake the beds. The cleaning crew will think they are dirty and do them again. Just have them folded on the dresser or dryer. Tenants that don’t start a load of laundry will be subject to a $30 charge.
All dishes are to be in the dishwasher and clean when the cleaning crew comes in for the departure cleaning.

We don’t supply firewood.  Bundles of firewood can be purchased at the grocery store or a number of locations in Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake.  

ASHES:  If you make a fire in the wood stove you can leave the ashes in the stove for the cleaning crew to clean out.  If you need to remove ashes from the stove while you are here, please place them in the ash bucket located next to the stove.

This home’s hot water operates through a tankless system. It takes a while for the hot water to arrive at the sink, shower, dishwasher, or clothes washer. Allow the water to run a bit to warm up. Once hot, you will not run out of it. For best results, large groups are encouraged to STAGGER showers and avoid doing dishes or laundry during shower time.
The driveway holds three (3) cars. From November 1 – April 15 and during any snowstorm, you cannot park on the street. The City of Big Bear Lake will ticket $150 and tow. Parking passes will be emailed to you for each of your cars. There are extra parking passes in the white property folder in the living room. Please make sure you display them at all times. Check with the city for offsite parking lots if you need one.
If the heat is used, please turn it down to 55 degrees before you leave.  During the winter, please make sure you do not turn off the heat.
Google Maps to Trash Site At the end of your stay we ask that you take your trash to the Big Bear trash site. Here is a link:TrashYou will be charged $25 per bag of trash that needs to be removed from the property.
There are 2 main TV’s in the house (48″ HD LCDs) with cable and the ability to use online services like Hulu, Netflix, SHO, and HBO. Turning on the cable box (using the remote) will also turn on the TV and allow you to control the channel changes. If you would like to use the other online services you can use the smaller Roku remote that allows you to use your streaming service of choice. The large upstairs bedroom has a 32″ LCD with a Roku device that streams Spectrum cable and other online services like Hulu, Netflix, SHO, and HBO. The other bedrooms have a small TV for DVD watching.
The BBQ is a standard propane tank based unit. When you have finished your cooking please turn off the BBQ directly and also turn off the valve at the propane tank.
Only well-behaved, pre-approved, pets are welcome. Please take precautions to cover the furniture with a blanket if you have an animal that jumps up.  Then wash the blanket before you leave.  Please make sure you have picked up and removed any animal waste from the yard.  Do not leave your pets alone in the home while you are gone.  Bored or nervous pets cause damage.  The yard is not fully fenced. No cats allowed.